Online English teachers are in high demand, especially nowadays. China has the greatest demand and their online institutions are willing to pay well. Online teaching is fun and rewarding. Here a some of the best benefits of teaching English online.

1. The top benefit of teaching English online: Freedom

Scheduling freedom

Freedom peaks the list of top benefits of teaching English online. Teaching English online is a great way to get out of the mundane 9-to-5 lifestyle. In this industry, you are your own boss. When and where you work is up to you to decide. You can choose to work full-time hours one week and part-time the next. If you only want to work a couple of hours in the mornings or a half-hour in the evening, you can. If you choose to take a week or a month off, just do it. It’s easy to burn out when you teach a lot of classes, so the ability to take long breaks or days off without asking for permission is a good thing.

Location independence

Besides the scheduling flexibility, there’s the freedom to work from anywhere. If you have a stable, reliable internet connection, whether it be a portable WiFi device, a phone that you can use as a hotspot, or a wired connection, you can work.

Choose who you work with

Choosing who you teach is a perk to teaching online. You can work with children or adults, or both. With the fun and games with the kids or the great conversations and laughs with the adults, you won’t feel like you’re working.

No work visa required

Another great thing about this freedom is that you don’t have to worry about getting a work visa. It’s illegal to work in a foreign country without one. However, since you’re working online, you don’t have to worry about getting a work visa.

Make a difference in other’s lives

As an online English teacher, you will meet people from all over the world. Most will be learning English because they have dreams of working or attending universities in English-speaking countries. You will be helping them reach their dreams. Other students may just need someone to talk to. You may occasionally find yourself being a sort of counselor or mentor.

2. No dressing up or uniforms

When you’re teaching online, unless your entire body needs to be visible, there’s no need to dress up. If only the top half of your body will be visible, you can easily put on a nice shirt or blouse while being in your pajamas from the waist down. Be sure that you are presentable and professional-looking.

Comfortable work attire at its finest!

3. Great Pay

Teaching English online can be lucrative. Teachers working with an online company usually make anywhere from $15-26 USD per hour. The pay can be substantially higher for teachers who teach private online lessons. China-based companies tend to pay higher salaries than most other online English companies. Some of the top China-based platforms are PalFish, Magic Ears, and Vipkid. With the contests, referral bonuses and other incentives offered by these companies, making $4,000 or more is possible.

4. Easy to start

Getting started with online English teaching is really easy. The application process typically involves submitting a video intro, attending online orientations or training, performing a mock lesson, and setting up your payment method. The process and timeline are different for each company.

Conclusion: Benefits of teaching English online

Teaching English online isn’t just a way to make money. It allows you to take control of your life and decide what’s best for you. There are people around the world who can benefit from your knowledge of English or, sometimes, just from your presence.

Do you teach English online? What are some other benefits of teaching English online?

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