A Little About Me

Hey, welcome to the Curls Trip travel blog! I’m Angela, your travel buddy. I’m a digital nomad searching for the perfect international destination to call home.

Science has always been a love of mine. So, after college, I spent several years working in laboratories like LabCorp and hospital labs. I loved the medical field but was tired of being confined within facility walls. Burned out, feeling unappreciated, and underpaid, I left.

It was time to nurture my other passion—teaching. Wanting to experience living and teaching in a foreign country, I secured a Guest English Teacher position in South Korea. The experience wasn’t what I expected, but it inspired me to start the Curls Trip travel blog.

After my brief time in Korea, I returned to The States and went back to lab work. Shortly after, I got bored again and started experimenting with online teaching. I loved it! From there, it was out with the lab, in with remote work, and, eventually, living the digital nomad lifestyle. Now, I’m happy writing, teaching, and traveling.

The Curls Trip Travel Style

I don’t travel as a tourist. When I travel, I focus on immersing myself in the destination’s authentic culture. I like to go off the beaten path and live among the locals. The countries I choose are those I’m interested in moving to. Depending on the vibe, I spend days to months in each destination. Therefore, when I leave a place, I have a pretty good idea of whether or not I’ll be comfortable living there.

How Can The Curls Trip Blog Help You?

As I travel, I blog about my experiences, give travel tips, recommend products, and more! Follow me on my journeys and gain insights into various places, ways to make money, and information on products and destinations you can take advantage of immediately.

Within the Curls Trip blog, I will primarily share the following types of content:

  • My personal travel experiences
  • Travel tips
  • Travel destination information and guides
  • Online teaching resources and tips
  • Remote work resources

I encourage you to use the stories and information in the ways that benefit you most.

Let’s Work Together

Are you a brand that would like to partner with me? Great! Please, send a detailed message along with your contact info, and I’ll get in touch shortly.

Angela from Curls Trip Travel Blog standing at Coco Beach, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.


What are your thoughts?

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