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Latin America Travel

Winter in Cancun

Winter in Cancun: I loved it! I just returned from an amazing trip to Cancun with my little brother. The weather was amazing! When I felt the chilly air flowing through the ORD Airport jet bridge, I was ready to book another flight back! I will gladly trade this bitter NC cold for a nice, …

First morning in Merida, Mexico breakfast.
Latin America

October 3, 2021- My First Morning In Mérida, Mexico!

I arrived in Mérida, Mexico, yesterday afternoon. The flight went well. My Airbnb situation didn’t go so well, however. I’ll tell you about that later. Anywho, I’m enjoying my first morning here in sunny, Mérida. I’m currently lodging at a hotel in Centro. My stay included breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed that bowl of fruit and …

Latin America

8 Must-See Sites In Mexico City

If you’re looking for interesting tourist spots in México City, you’ll find this list helpful. I provided maps to make finding them easy. 1. Basílica de Guadalupe (The National Shrine of México) The second most important Catholic Shrine after the Vatican, the Basílica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located in northern México City. There …

Zihuatanejo beach with superimosed read hear in center
Latin America

Zihua Love Affair

I’m in love. I’ve changed my flight date out of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo so many times. Hopefully, I can stick to the one I just booked. It’s just so hard to leave. My mind keeps telling me it’s time to leave, but my heart is telling me to stay and see what will blossom from this new …

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