8 Must-See Tourist Sites In Mexico City

Mexico is full of historical and modern points of interest. In this article, I provide a list of 8 tourist sites in Mexico City to help you get started with your adventure. To make things easier for you, I included maps.

Tourist Sites In Mexico City

1. Basílica de Guadalupe (The National Shrine of México)

To start with, the Basílica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is the most important Catholic Shrine after the Vatican. There are two structures, the Modern Basilica and the Old Basilica (El Templo Exi atorio a Cristo Rey). Here, it is said, the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego and requested that a shrine be built in her honor. Indeed, you’ll be astonished by the beautiful, old-style Spanish architecture of the old Basilica. In addition to the basiclicas, there are the Baptistry and the Basilica Museum, a garden with a large statue of Jesus., the Pocito Chapel Capilla de Cerrito, Antigua Parroquia de Indios, and Parroquia de Santa Maria de Guadalupe Nasturtiums. A visit can take hours, so with this in mind, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, bring snacks or money for snacks, and arrive early to beat the crowds.

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2. La Plaza De La Constitución

Another hot spot in Mexico City is La Plaza De La Constitución, or Zócalo. It’s Mexico’s main public square and, therefore, is surrounded by important sites such as the Catedral Metropolitana, Palacio Nacional, federal government buildings, and shops and restaurants. It’s not unusual to witness some sort of gathering such as a protest or celebration so have your camera ready! Tourists are easy targets, so beware of possible scams by street recruiters for restaurants and shops.

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3. Palacio Nacional

Palacio Nacional is located at Zócalo. Armed guards surround the building because it’s the federal seat of the president. Inside, you’ll find some pretty amazing works of art such as murals by the famous painter, Diego Rivera, cover the walls. Admission into the palace is free, however, you’ll need to bring a photo ID and go through a security check to enter.

4. Catedral Metropolitana

While in Zócalo, check out the oldest Latin American cathedral, Catedral Metropolitana. Built using stones from the ruins of Aztec temples, it boasts a combination of Spanish baroque, Gothic, neoclassical and churrigueresque architecture. Although admission is free, a ticket is required to visit the bell tower and rooftop.

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5. Bosque de Chapultapec

Bosque de Chapultapec (Chapultapec Park) is huge and offers a variety of activities for adults and kids This is my favorite tourist site in Mexico City. It’s so huge, I’ve been there several times but still haven’t seen the whole of it! For example, there’s a roller coaster, a lake with paddleboats, a huge garden, museums, a beautiful castle, and so much more. You’ll find no shortage of vendors and, you can enjoy live entertainment out by the lake.

6. Museo Franz Mayer

Browse German collector Franz Mayer’s private collection of antique furniture and art. Then, enjoy the high-tech interactive exhibits. After that, stop by the cafe for a light snack or coffee or relax in the courtyard. General admission starts at about $70 pesos per person. Entry for children under 12 years is free.

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7. Palacio de Bellas Artes (A top tourist site in Mexico City)

After visiting the Museo Franz Mayer, make your way across the street to the Palacio de Bellas Artes. Not only is this large marble building a museum, but it’s also a center for the performing arts. The palace is closed on Mondays. Daily admission starts at about $70 pesos and Sundays are free.

Front view of the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.

8. Arena Mexico (A don’t miss Mexico City tourist site)

Finally, take in a lucha libre! Stop by the Arena México and watch masked musclemen and musclewomen battle it out in the ring. The wild and crazy acrobatics are sure to delight! Tickets start at $50 pesos and can be purchased the same day.

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If this list of tourist sites in Mexico City has helped you in any way, or you have a question, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment below or click here to send me a message.

Happy travels!

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