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2024: Happy New Year!

As the clock gets ready to strike midnight here on the East Coast of the US, and we prepare to bid adieu to 2023, let’s brace ourselves for the adventures that await us. I hope your 2024 is filled with enchanting destinations, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable experiences. Let’s step into the new year with an …

DIY natural skincare: small tub of homemade skincare cream with tub of shea butter and an essential oil bottle in background
Montage Palmetto Bluff aerial view, the best hotel deals for the holidays
Window seat view United Airlines
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WILMA: United Airline’s New Airplane Boarding Method

United Airlines recently re-implemented the WILMA (Window-Middle-Aisle) plane boarding system in an effort to streamline the boarding process for passengers and crew members. With this new system of boarding in place, United hopes to shave off at least two minutes from the boarding process. Let’s take a look at what the WILMA boarding method is. …

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