The past few months

Hey, y’all! I know. It has been a while since my last post. You’ve probably been wondering what I’ve been up to lately. Well, I’ve been patiently waiting for more international borders to open to US citizens so I can pick up where I left off in my travel plans.

What I’ve been up to, lately

While waiting for those borders to pen, I definitely haven’t been idle. I’ve spent a lot of time with my family doing yardwork, cooking out, hiking nature trails, etc. Being a teacher and having my 3-year-old niece around regularly, I’ve been putting in some serious teaching hours. I love the fact that she loves to learn. She has a photographic memory and can carry on a highly intellectual conversation. When I walk in with my laptop, she reaches for it and asks me to give her a test. Ha! I love that! She’s really interested in astronomy, medical biology, cooking, and reading. She’s pretty much a mini-me. She’s within the formative years of her life, so this extra time has given me the opportunity to make a positive impact in her life and help prepare her for a bright future.

New projects

I’ve taken on a couple more online TEFL companies. I’ll be writing about them later. I actually teach for, or have taught for, each company I write about. So, if you have questions, ask away! I purchased a second laptop with a high CPU so I can effectively use ManyCam’s virtual effects in the classroom. My GOGOKID students and I had a blast taking a virtual trip to the museum and playing football this morning.

I’ve also begun looking into teaching abroad part-time. I enjoy online teaching, but I miss having classes in a brick and mortar classroom. Sometimes, I just want to high-five my students in-person and host my infamous dance breaks.

Developing my sweet tooth

Last week, I finally visited Southern Supreme. It’s out in the cut, but worth the drive. My mom has been going there for years to get fresh fruitcakes. We hopped in her car with my brother and niece, and headed to Bear Creek, NC to browse the showroom and choose some savory treats. My niece went wild at the sight of so many desserts and candies! I handed her a basket and she went for EVERYTHING she could reach. We limited her to three items, but she gets an A for effort. I ate all of my peanut clusters and butterscotch clusters (I think that’s what they’re called- I demolished them and threw out the wrappers). I still have a half-pound of fruitcake left– that’ll be history by the end of today. We’ll probably head out that way, again, sometime next week.


So, yeah. There you have it. I’m just chillin’ and enjoying all this extra time. I hope all’s well with all of you!

Until next time!!

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