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South Korea

Tooth Extraction in Korea

I had my first surgical procedure today (technically yesterday since it’s after midnight.) I wanted my bottom left wisdom tooth removed. It wasn’t hurting me or anything. It had grown in wrong and I just didn’t like it. The staff at Bestian Medical Center’s Oral Surgery department were very nice. My surgeon spoke English which …

South Korea

Last Day of Dochang Summer English Camp

So long Dochang Yesterday was my last visit to Dochang Elementary School. I’m going to miss my kids. They’re a class of only three boys and so much fun. I wish all three of them had shown up for the last day. I guess they had more important things to do. Easy Peazy It was …

South Korea

The End is Near

In two weeks my five month ESL adventure in South Korea will come to an end. All resignation paperwork has been turned in. My luggage is packed. I’m ready and waiting. I never did experience the honeymoon phase of coming here and it still hasn’t quite settled with me that I’m actually in South Korea. Things …

South Korea

Making The Goal in Half The Time

I set my mind on a financial goal before arriving in Korea, and I’ve been true to reaching it. I’m thankful for the financial discipline I have. I came here on a one year contract not aware of the bear trap I was stepping into. But you know what? It doesn’t matter! In 83 days, …

South Korea


Where’s my co-teacher? Ok. So I go in for work at about 8:55 this morning. My co-teacher isn’t in the classroom. So, I do my normal whipping out of my laptop and start typing away on lesson plans, etc. There’s no 1st period on Mondays, so I think nothing of it when 9:20 rolls around …

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