I had my first surgical procedure today (technically yesterday since it’s after midnight.) I wanted my bottom left wisdom tooth removed. It wasn’t hurting me or anything. It had grown in wrong and I just didn’t like it.

The staff at Bestian Medical Center’s Oral Surgery department were very nice. My surgeon spoke English which was super comforting. He was familiar with my home state of North Carolina. We talked about UNC Chapel Hill’s top rated School of Dentistry and pretty soon we were like best friends. He looked over my shoulder and read my texts, and even asked for details about one text. I have nothing to hide. If you don’t have trust you don’t have anything.

The procedure went well. Once the anesthesia kicked in my tooth was out in about 20 minutes. The root was anchored pretty tightly in the mandible so it took longer than expected. I drank so much blood. I could feel it splattering and running down the back of my throat. The doctor was sawing and yanking. It was interesting to hear my tooth snap, crackle and pop as he pulled and pried. It didn’t hurt at all, although I did give the distress signal a couple times when I thought he was about to break my jaw.

Once the tooth was out and the gum stitched, I hopped up and asked for my tooth. I wasn’t allowed to take it but I did snap a couple pictures.

After receiving the list of postoperative rules I went to registration to get my bill. It was pretty cheap. Only ?59,000. The prescription meds were ?2,000. Just a little over $50 total. My kind of prices.

I’m lying in bed now with an ice pack on my face. The prescribed painkillers are aweful. I think they cause pain instead of kill it. I was hurting so bad earlier when the anesthesia started wearing off. Thank God for Kathryn and Advil.

I so didn’t consider the consequences of having my tooth removed: I’m on a soft foods diet for the next few days. I bought fruit and a bunch of crunchy snacks the day before that I can’t even eat now. I guess I’ll survive on yams and eggs until I can chew again…

My experience with Bestian Medical Center was excellent. I highly recommend them. They’re located in Seoul near Hanti Station, exit 2. If you’re ever in Seoul and need some dental work done check them out. You’ll leave smiling like I did. Just be sure to stop by the pharmacy and grab some real painkillers if you want to continue smiling!

Until next time!

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