Where’s my co-teacher?

Ok. So I go in for work at about 8:55 this morning. My co-teacher isn’t in the classroom. So, I do my normal whipping out of my laptop and start typing away on lesson plans, etc. There’s no 1st period on Mondays, so I think nothing of it when 9:20 rolls around and my Co-teacher still hasn’t shown up. Second period starts at 10:10, so when 10:00 rolls around, I start thinking, Hmm… Maybe she’s downstairs talking to the principal or office staff? I run downstairs to the office. I ask where she is and the office ladies tell me that she isn’t coming in today because she’s sick. They proceed to apologize. I respond with a resounding, “Oh no! It’s OK! Kenchanayo!”

Oh, happy day!

I left out of that room with a pep in my step! Not that I was happy about her being sick… But, finally, I was about to have the opportunity to actually TEACH at Wasu! Boy did the kids and I have fun today! We sang and danced a little; did our book lessons, played games, worked on fun worksheets, and the kids joked about classmates having MERS. Everyone earned stamps today. I made sure each student had the opportunity to answer a question. When they got it wrong, I gave hints so they could retry the answer. They were happy about that. During the afterschool program, my kindergartners and  I freeze danced. We had a blast. I nearly passed out because it was hot and I danced with all my might.

Where’d the time go?

The day was over so fast, and I was back in my little apartment in the twinkle of an eye. And I was feeling great!

Today was the best day I’ve had at Wasu since….well… since I’ve been here. I hope my students enjoyed today as much I did. Hopefully I’ll get another chance to teach- which was the whole point of coming to Korea.

Until next time…

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  1. Awww so fun! I need this with my students! I really am not as close to them as i imagined i would be and it makes me sad. :((( But idk i feel like i have to be all ADULT when my co-teachers are around. But i really just want to have fun with all the kids.

    1. I know what you mean! I try to have fun when we’re playing the games my co-teacher chooses too, but it’s not that easy. She chooses games I know nothing about and with the slight language barrier, her instructions make no sense to me. So I pretend I know what’s going on and try to make the best of it. Having the ball in my court this time, I knew exactly how everything was supposed to go, and we had an awesome time!

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