2022 was a pretty great year for me. This 2022 travel recap video, gives a glimpse of some of the things I did during my 2022 travels.

Before heading off to Africa for the second time, I spent lots of time with my family. I had the honor of being a bridesmaid at my younger sister’s wedding. I was proud to watch her marry the man of her dreams. My mom and I, being beach lovers, visited Wrightsville and Myrtle beaches several times in the spring. We went again in the fall after I returned from my trip to Africa. A travel buddy, Damien, accompanied me this time. We spent a little over three months in Africa visiting Egypt, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and South Africa.

After returning to the US, we spent about four days in Atlanta. Afterward, I returned to North Carolina and set out for the beach again. In early December, I earned #bestauntieever points by joining my niece on her first field trip. The rest of the month leading up to Christmas and after was filled with hard work on upcoming projects and travels.

I can’t wait to show you my 2023 adventures!

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