October 3, 2021- My First Morning In Mérida, Mexico!

I arrived in Mérida, Mexico yesterday afternoon. The flight went well. My Airbnb situation didn’t go so well, however. I’ll tell you about that later. Anywho, I’m enjoying my first morning here in sunny, Mérida.

I’m currently lodging at a hotel in Centro. My stay included breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed that bowl of fruit and fresh orange juice.

Next, I took a stroll around the block while showing my mom around via WhatsApp. I also chatted up a fellow solo traveler who’s finishing up her adventure through Egypt.

After my stroll, I sat and chilled in the park, Parque de Santa Lucía. It’s hot out, but there was a light breeze that made sitting under the shade of the trees feel awesome.

Now, I’m in my room updating this post before heading out to get lunch.

Yeah, there’s not too much going on being a Sunday and all. Let’s see what tomorrow has in store!

What are your thoughts?

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