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Online ESL Companies Not Based In China

With the new Chinese regulations on online tutoring, many online teachers have been left scrambling to find new online jobs. At the moment, it’s pretty risky to apply to another China-based company, so what are the alternatives? I’m going to give you a list of some online ESL companies not based in China. Some of the companies offer courses in more than just English, so there’s potential to teach multiple subjects if you have the qualifications.

Not all Chinese Companies were taken out by the new changes. VIPKID is still going strong and has set up a global platform with students from around the world.

Online ESL Companies and brief requirements descriptions

I know a lot of teachers are in a scramble to find new positions, so I’m just going to give some brief descriptions. The companies’ websites will provide any other information you need.

  1. Preply (No certification or teaching experience required, teach various subjects)
  2. Cambly (No degree, certifications, or experience required)
  3. Outschool (No formal teaching credentials needed, teach various subjects, create your own lessons)
  4. italki (Professional teachers and community tutors)
  5. Latinhire (Degree or ESL Certification, teach various subjects)
  6. Skylearn-Skytod (Degree and ESL certification required)
  7. Verbling (Currently not taking applications)
  8. Live English (Native English speakers, Degree or equivalent experience, ESL certification advantageous)
  9. (Submit the teacher inquiry form to be contacted by a recruiter)
  10. Justlearn (No specific requirements, teach any language)
  11. Native Camp (Ability to speak English at an intermediate level)
  12. The Really Great English Teacher Company (See individual job postings for requirements)
  13. Englishunt (US Citizen, BA in any subject or substitute teaching certification, experience; teacher certification required for video programs burpt bot for phone programs)
  14. Skooli (Must have a bachelor’s degree in related field, or government issued teaching license, or specialized instructor qualification)

If you found this list of online ESL companies not based in China helpful or applied and got the job, let me know in the comments or send me a message.