TEFL Summer English Camp

Yesterday was my last visit to Dochang Elementary School. I had a proper coteaching experience- Kathryn, another American teacher living in Wasu, and I taught TOGETHER like the term suggests. She’s an awesome teacher and an awesome person.

We had five sleepy students so camp was a breeze.

I learned the Cups Song along with the kids. It was fun battling with them once we got the hang of it (or thought we had). Mr. Lee the Korean coteacher, after watching for a while, grabbed a cup and started doing it perfectly. Show off! Just kidding. He’s just smart like that.

After the Cups Song we made ice cream.


And after that we watched Toy Story 3. With Korean subtitles. Two thirty rolled around shortly after, and it was time to head back to Wasu.

I had to teach my final first grade summer class at three so I had to make haste, of course. My one student, his older sister and I made ice cream. Tried to anyway. Poor little guy’s milk wouldn’t freeze so he ended up with a smoothie instead. The important thing is that we had fun and he learned something new.

Yeah…. yesterday was a pretty good day.

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