I Got The Job: Now I’m An EPIK Teacher

My EPIK teacher life

It’s official. I am an EPIK teacher in South Korea! No more hospital lab work. I’ve gotten TEFL certified and cleared to teach English in South Korea. Since I’ll be away for a while and having a new life experience, I decided to start this blog to chronicle the happenings of my first ex-pat experience, and to keep friends and family abreast of my well-being.

A sign of things to come?

I arrived in South Korea on March 26th, and it has been quite an experience! Within a week of arriving, I developed acute bronchitis. I suffered through pretty severe symptoms for a month. I was weak, dehydrated, had a sore throat, lost my voice, and had bloody phlegm- and was still expected to teach- and teach I did.  I’m a trooper 🙂  (So glad it’s over!)

I was placed in a small, agricultural town in Gangwon Province called Wasu.  I’ve never gawked at so much as I have since being here. It’s quite amusing. I’m a bit of a star right now. Although they give me a lot of curious stares, the townspeople are pretty nice. I try to walk through town often to get everyone used to seeing me and interacting with me.

Not making any promises!

I tend to be quite busy between 4 schools, after-school classes, an adult class, and preparing lessons for all of my classes, but I will try to update this blog often.


The view from my apartment window when I arrived in Wasu.

I must get back to my EPIK teacher life…

Until next time!


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